Thursday, 13 August 2015

Start afresh

I just saved and deleted my previous blog ( and decided to start a new one. I can't exactly comprehend why I did that, though it may be because of what is going on in my life right now.  I've just completed high school and will be moving to another city, a new city, for my professional degree! It will be a completely new life with new people and I will have none of those angels I spent my life with up to high school, be it my family or friends. September is approaching slowly at quite a rapid pace and in no time I will be under the shade of its wings. Hope this journey turns out just as worthwhile! 
I hadn't posted ANYTHING in a long time there and my blog looked outrageously neglected and immature (I was a kid 3 years ago and I will disagree if anyone says otherwise). Hence I decided to make this one! A new blog which will be, hopefully, more looked after. No promises about this one not being immature!
I will also be posting all the posts from my deceased (I'm the culprit) blog. 

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